Contoh Soal PAT/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester 2 Dengan Kunci Jawaban

Berikut contoh kumpulan latihan soal Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) atau ujian akhir semester (UAS) 2 untuk siswa kelas 10 SMA/MA.

Soal PAS dalam artikel ini mengulas materi Bahasa Inggris.

Artikel ini hanya memberikan contoh latihan soal dan kunci jawaban yang mengutip dari materi pokok pada buku pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris kurikulum 2013.

Coba jawablah latihan soal berikut ini, kemudian cocokkan dengan kunci jawaban yang telah disediakan.


This text is for question no 1 – 5

Dear Sally, Last holiday, my friends and I visited Ponorogo in East Java. Ponorogo is a small city, but it is very natural and beautiful. We spent the night at a villa in Jetis. On the first day, we visited Prigi southern beach. We watched the amazing views of the sea and the white waves. We grilled fish and had “Nasi Pecel” for lunch. On the second day, we visited “Dongko” mountain resort. There were a lot of plants, especially clove trees. We camped there for a night. I love Ponorogo because the people are very friendly and the prices are cheap. I’II bring some pictures for you. Love, Anna

1. What kind of text is it?

a. Narrative b. Procedure c. Recount d. Descriptive e. Explanation

Jawaban: D

2. The following sentences are the reasons why the writer loves Ponorogo, Except ….

a. the views of the sea are amazing b. the people are friendly c. the prices are cheap d. Ponorogo has beautiful views e. the villa is comfortable

Jawaban: E

3. What does the text mainly tell us?

a. The beautiful place b. The trip to Ponorogo c. Dongko mountain resort d. The prigi beach e. A villa in Jetis

Jawaban: B

4. “… but it is very natural and beautiful.” The synonym of the italicized word is ….

a. extraordinary b. pure c. pretty d. amazing e. soft

Jawaban: B

5. “… the prices are cheap there.” What is the antonym of the italicized word?

a. Expensive b. Reasonable c. Clear d. Fixed e. Comfortable

Jawaban: A

This text is for question no 1 – 5

Cocoa Beach Florida is known as the perfect beach town. It is an hour drive to east of Orlando on Florida’s amazing Space Coast. The drive here is almost as beautiful as the beach.

Cocoa Beach is one of the most affordable beach vacations in Florida. There are a lot of things to see around Cocoa Beach. Space Coast offers you the chance to go deep sea fishing or parasailing, river tour and getting up close with the awesome wildlife of Florida.

While at Cocoa Beach, tourist can also visit the Kennedy Space Center, the Brevard Zoo, or spend some time shopping. They are within short driving distance to all of the Orlando attractions, and drive back to Cocoa Beach at nightto enjoy dinner in one of the many dining spots on the beach. When night sets in, tourist can travel back and enjoy the nightlife on the beach that ranges from cool jazz clubs to beach side cafes. There are some facilities to stay with perfect accommodations and wake up to a breathtaking sunrise on the beach.

With plenty of offers, tourist or businessmen who like beach vacation, Cocoa Beach is the best place to consider. They will find exactly what they have been looking for.

6. What is the text about?

a. Cocoa Bleach b. Cocoa Beach c. Caneel Bay d. Long Beach e. California

Jawaban: B

7. where is it located?

a. Texas b. Florida c. Nabraska d. New Mexico e. Carribean

Jawaban: B

8. According to the text, where do you go if you want to go deep sea fishing or parasailing?

a. Space Coast b. West Coast c. East Coast d. Gold Coast e. Spice Coast

Jawaban: A

9. While at Cocoa Beach, what are other places that the tourist can also visit?

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a. Kennedy Space Center b. The Brevard Zoo c. Hoosac School d. Laguna Beach e. A & B

Jawaban: E

10. Which country is Cocoa Beach in?

a. UK b. Uruguay c. Mexico d. USA e. Canada

Jawaban: D

11. Cindy : “Mom, I’ve got the scholarship”. Mother : “Congratulations! ….”

a. I’m so proud of you. b. That’s a pity. c. Happy birthday. d. That’s so sweet. e. That’s awful.

Jawaban: A

12. My sister is not only beautiful, but also has some good characters, which are ….

a. lazy and sensitive b. stupid and lazy c. friendly and cheerful d. lazy and shy e. careless and sensitive

Jawaban: C

13. My English teacher always makes me feel exticed to study. He always has new jokes every day. It means he is a ….

a. humorous b. shy c. diligent d. lazy e. talkative

Jawaban: A

14. Martha: “Rully, I heard you got a scholarship from a prominent university. …”

Rully : “Thank you, I’m so happy about it.”

a. Please accept my condolences. b. I’m proud of your sister. c. You must be very upset. d. Congratulations! I’m proud of you. e. Not at all.

Jawaban: D

This text is for questions no. 15-19

Tanjung Benoa is a beach town. It is located at the elite area in Nusa Dua Bali. The area is situated with the view of the sea in Bali. On the north side, there are Benoa Harbour, Mertasari Recreation Park, and Serangan Island. The foreigners call serangan Island the turtle island, because it is used to breed the turtles. At Tanjung Benoa Beach, tourists can have various activities, such as swimming, sailing, waterskiing, and surfing. Surfing is a water sport of riding waves that are coming toward the shore by standing or lying on a special board called surfboard. It is a very enjoyable and impressive sport. Most surfing lovers call it as the most challenging water sport, as it needs skill, strength, as well as bravery. The others think that it is a very dangerous sport, as it fights against the dangerous waves of sea.

Apart from swimming, snorkeling and diving are also the kinds of water sport favored by the tourist. Through diving googles, the beauty of Bali marine park can be viewed. Those who cannot dive can also enjoy the beauty of the marine park through the glass bottomed motor boats that are specially provided for the tourists.

15. What can be viewed through the diving goggles?

a. The beauty of the marine park b. The beauty of the Mertasari Harbour c. The view of Tanjung Benoa d. The view of the big waves e. The turtle island

Jawaban: A

16. Which of statements is not true about the text?

a. Tanjung Benoa is a beach town located in Nusa Dua bali. b. Tanjung Benoa is a very famous beach in Nusa Dua Bali. c. Tourists can enjoy many kinds of water sports in Tanjung Benoa. d. Tourists who cannot dive can also enjoy the beauty of the marine park. e. Tourists can visit the turtle island which is used to breed the turtles.

Jawaban: B

17. “Those who cannot …” (Paragraph three) The word those refers to ….

a. Tourists b. water sport c. turtles d. swimming and diving e. island

Jawaban: A

18. What does paragraph three discuss?

a. The water sports of Tanjung Benoa Beach Town. b. Snorkeling and diving are alternative tourism activities in Tanjung Benoa. c. Surfing becomes the most favorite water sport in Tanjung Benoa. d. Tourist can swim, dive, surf, and so on in Tanjung Benoa Beach. e. The turtle island is used to breed the turtles.

Jawaban: B

19. Why is Serangan Island called turtle island? It is called turtle island because ….

a. it is used to trade many kinds of turtle. b. it is a place where thousand turtles live naturally. c. it is used to breed turtles. d. it is used to breed and to trade turtles. e. it is used to hunt turtles.

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Jawaban: C

The text is for questions no. 20-23

Change the verbs into past tense form!

I go (20) to Bandung last week. I am (21) there for three days. I walk (22) in the streets of Bandung and visited Vanda Park. I take (23) a lot of pictures of this beautiful city. I was so happy.

20. a. go b. goes c. gone d. has e. went

Jawaban: E

21. a. is b. was c. am d. were e. are

Jawaban: B

22. a. walked b. walking c. walk d. walks e. was walking

Jawaban: A

23. a. takes b. take c. tooks d. took e. taken

Jawaban: D

This conversation is for questions no. 24-26

Putri : “Happy Birthday, Dita.” Dita : “Thanks.” Putri : “(24) ….” Dita : “thank you for saying so. You look beautiful with that dress, Putri.” Putri : “Thanks. Look, Echa is coming! (25) …” Dita : “She Look so cute with her new haircut.” Putri : “Yes, you’re right.” Echa : “Hi, Dita. Happy birthday to you.” Dita : “Thank you so much. And I’d like to (26) … You on winning the first prize of the photography competition Echa : “Never mind.” Putri : “I think You’re a genius.” Echa : “Oh, thank you.” Dita : “Anyway, let’s start the party!”

24. a. Is it your red dress? b. You look charming in that red dress. c. The dress doesn’t suit you. d. You don’t look cute with the red dress e. Whose dress is it?

Jawaban: B

25. a. She is so pretty. b. She is so ordinary. c. Is it really her? d. She looks awkward. e. She looks nervous.

Jawaban: A

26. a. welcome b. gratitude c. congratulate d. thank e. wish

Jawaban: C

The text is for questions no. 27-30

Rome is the capital city of Italy. I f you visit Rome, you will have plenty of chances to see all sorts of great sights. Rome can be traced through its mythology when it was founded on. It was said that twins of Romulus and Remus have founded the city in 753 BC, on the date of April 21st.

This corresponds were fairly close to archeological evidence, which shows farming communities in the area. As the Catholic Church grew, Rome became more and more important in both religion and politics. Rome was one of the central leading cities in the Renaissance. It is seen when visitors walk through the streets and see the various buildings. They style was profoundly affected by the work of the artists of the time. Visitors can see evidence of all sorts of artistic influences, such as the Baroque palaces, the huge squares and obelisks, and other structure throughout the city.

Rome is well –known for its architecture. The Colosseum is a sample of famous Roman structures. It was once a grand, ground-breaking amphitheatre, and was at the forefront of architectural advancements in 70 AD. Since then it has fallen apart slightly, but it is still an astounding and imposing structure.

Modern Rome is a very busy place to visit. It is considered as a cultural center of the region, and offers all the arts in various forms. It his a thriving music scene, with several major concert halls. Rome puts out a lof of movies every year, more than any other region of Italy. It is home to Cinecitta studios, the biggest facility in Europe.

27. Rome is the capital city of ….

a. Spain b. France c. Italy d. Monaco e. San Marino

Jawaban: C

28. What is the name of the building that represent Roman structures in Rome?

a. Colosseum b. Roman Museum c. Renaissance Museum d. Romulus & Remus Museum e. Cineatta Studios

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Jawaban: A

29. Whwn was the city founded?

a. In 758 BC b. In 753 BC c. In 735 BC d. In 754 BC e. In 757 BC

Jawaban: B

30. What is the suitable title for the text above?

a. Italy b. Roman Era c. Colosseum d. City of Rome e. The Mythology of Italy

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: karena teks tersebut menjelaskan tentang Roma

31. Rita : “What are you doing mom? Are you cooking?” Mom : “No, but I …………… dinner before father …………… home”

a. will prepare – will go b. prepares – will go c. prepare – goes d. prepares – will have gone e. will prepare – goes

Jawaban: C

32. Risha : “What lesson do you like?”

Beni : “I like maths”

Risha : “Maths is …………… lesson I have ever learnt.”

a. the most difficult b. as difficult c. more difficult than d. too difficult e. very difficult

Jawaban: A

Questions 25 – 29 refer to the following letter.

Jl, Imam Bonjol 199 Surabaya

Dear Ratna, I’m Sorry that I have to turn down your invitation. I’d give anything if I could go with you, but my Dad needs me at the store. Since nearly all of his clerks are on vacation. I have to stay around to help out. I hope that you and your family have a good trip.

Sincerely Selvi

33. Why did Selvi write the letter?

a. she missed her friend b. she wanted to go c. she is a good writer d. she went to her friend’s house e. she could not accept the invitation

Jawaban: E

34. Why couldn’t Selvi go with Ratna?

a. She was lazy b. Dad wanted her to stay at home c. She had to keep the store d. Dad wanted her to go to around the store e. She was on vacation

Jawaban: C

35. What does the word turn down means?

a. accept b. put up with c. refuse d. turn up e. agree

Jawaban: C

*) Disclaimer: Jawaban di atas hanya digunakan oleh orang tua untuk memandu proses belajar anak dan bukan soal UAS yang sebenarnya.

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