Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Halaman 157 Semester 2, Task 2: Do The Comprehension Questions

Berikut ini kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 kelas 12 halaman 157.

Pada halaman 157, siswa diminta menjawab pertanyaan bacaan secara berpasangan.

Sebelum melihat kunci jawaban mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris semester 2 kelas 12 SMA/MA/SMK dalam artikel ini, siswa dapat terlebih dahulu mengerjakan soalnya sendiri.

Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 Kelas 12 Halaman 157


Task 2: Do the comprehension questions.

Read again the lyrics of the song above.

Then, answer the following questions.

Discuss the answers in groups of twos or three students.

1. What does the title describe? What does the composer compare the world with?

2. How does the composer describe the world that we live in now? Mention some phrases from the lyrics that can support your answer.

3. What dream does the singer have about this world? Quote some phrases from the lyrics.

4. How can the dream be realized? Show the lines that tells so.

5. What is one thing that can solve problems in this world?

6. What do you understand about these lines: “make a little space make a better place …”


1. The title describes that the world is sick, plagued with many problems and the song invites us to cure the world’s sickness or solve world problems.

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The composer compares the world with a person or human being who is sick.

2. The world has or is plagued with many problems.

The lyrics that shows the problems are, for instance:

– There are people dying.

– Then why do you keep strangling life, wound this earth, and crucify its soul.

3. The singer or the composer dreams of a world that is peaceful, with people loving and helping each other; the world in which all people are happy.

Some phrases that show that:

– In this place you will feel there is no hurt or sorrow

– This place could be much brighter than tomorrow (brighter symbolizes a good, happy, and successful life)

– In this bliss we cannot feel fear or dread.

– And the world we once believed in will shine again in grace.

4. Caring about, loving, and helping other people, making a little space and the world a better place for all are ways to realize the dream.

Some lines show that:

– If you care enough for the living, make a little space, make a better place. (Make a little space can mean giving chances to other people to do good things for them)

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– Love is strong. It only cares for joyful giving. If we try (to give something that makes other people happy) we shall see (that) in this bliss we cannot feel fear or dread.

5. Love in our heart.

6. Make a little space and make a better place (for other people) can be in the form of giving help, doing good deed, or having good intention, etc.

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